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Fire Safety Improvement Works – South Derbyshire District Council

Works have commenced and will continue up until March 2022, which will see Ventro Group deliver significant internal and communal fire safety improvement work to blocks and associated flats in the borough, commencing with the Coniston Court in Swadlincote on 1st July 2019.

“Ventro Group are proud to be an extension of the team at South Derbyshire – it is exciting to work with such a forward-thinking and strategic organisation. Our strong partnership with South Derbyshire District Council is all about enabling the council to fulfil one of its main objectives: keeping its residents safe”, stated Bradley Pallister, Ventro’s Regional Project Manager.

The Fire Safety Improvement Works programme, led by Jordan Knowles on behalf of the Council, comprises a tranche of works that are prioritised on a fire risk-based approach and is designed to be an effective, practicable and appropriate solution for the local housing stock.  The programme considers the vulnerable persons, for example, the over 60’s because of mobility problems and the potential for pre-existing health conditions that may be adversely affected by smoke and fire, and those with mental health needs, substance dependency, or disabilities, all of which including special provisions into proposed schemes of work.

The Ventro SDDC partnership was formed to provide critical passive and active fire safety works on behalf of South Derbyshire District Council.  Ventro Group work with various housing associations and local authorities as their eyes and ears throughout their housing portfolios.  Our works include regular fire door checks through the Fire Door Healthcheck™, and the subsequent maintenance and repairs, as well as planned upgrade works such as this.

Works at South Derby also include a package of fire detection and alarm install and maintenance works with Ventro’s sister company, OmniZone, to together deliver a seamless improvement in fire safety across South Derbyshire’s housing stock.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance approach has enabled councils and housing associations to save money whilst keeping compliant with the current fire regulations.  The works carried out on behalf of South Derbyshire District Council include full measured building surveys, asbestos removal works, fire door replacements, and other associated fire safety works such as firestopping and fire compartment breach remediation works.

Bradley Pallister

Project Manager - Passive Fire

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Project Manager - Active Fire

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