Works are commencing in March 2019 and will continue for a 4-6 month period which will see Ventro and OmniZone deliver significant fire safety improvement works to the communal living space and associated flats in Prior Court.

These works involve the installation of sprinkler heads throughout all flats and the communal spaces.  The system will be connected to a new water storage tank and pumping facilities which will be specially installed for the sprinkler system.

The sprinkler system is activated by heat only, and sprinkler heads will be finished with a white flat cover plate with all pipework being concealed behind boxing or within the ceiling void where possible.

Work within the flats will generally take between 2-3 days and will initially involve a team of joiners to install supporting timber for the pipework and boxing.

The joiners will be followed by the sprinkler installers who will install the pipework, sprinkler heads and will carry out a test of the pipework on completion.

The joiners will then complete the works by installing boxing to conceal all pipework and install cover plates to the sprinkler heads.

Throughout the works you can expect our staff to be thoughtful and considerate, and we will take particular care to meet the requirements of any residents who may have special needs.

We will explain what the work involves before we start, will be polite, neat and tidy, and will clear up any area of work properly once finished.

We expect our staff to be treated with courtesy, using appropriate behaviour and language.

Please help us to minimise the time that we will need to be in your flat by:

  • Ensuring that any pets are locked away when our employees are in your property
  • Give us a clear, clean area in which to work
  • Make sure that children are kept at a safe distance and under 18-year olds are supervised at all times.

“Ventro Group are proud to be an extension of the team at Thirteen– it is exciting to work with such a forward-thinking and strategic organisation. Our strong partnership with Thirteen is all about enabling Thirteen to fulfil one of its main objectives: keeping its residents safe”

The Ventro, OmniZone and Thirteen partnership was formed to provide critical passive and active fire safety works on behalf of Thirteen.  Ventro Group work with various housing associations and local authorities as their eyes and ears throughout their housing portfolios.

Nigel Welch

Project Manager

Rory Smith

Passive Fire Consultant

Ian Weightman

Sprinkler Supervisor

John Bowers

Spinkler Fitter

Michael Pate

Joiner Fire Stopper

Robert Ward

Spinkler Fitter

Mark Rudling